Activities full of fun are the key to an enjoyable holiday . On the way that we draw by this intellection we remove our guest to the peaks of entertainment. From water sports to dance shows, live music performances to billards…. Limitless entertainment in Diamond Premium Hotel &Spa.

Your irreplaceable address must be Diamond Premium Hotel &Spa if you want to spend time with enjoyable activities, enjoy the water sports and have unforgettable time with dance shows. We make our hotel more unique with activities that all of our guests would benefit, offer you a world that you would remember with a smile where you can enjoy your time with your family and friend and make friends.

We double your holiday enjoyment with various water sports…

Our hygienic and large pool is available for many water sports. If you want you can jump into the water from different sized water slides and cool off on hot days, or spend time with pool games, water sports and water gymnastics.

Both day and night !

There are various activity options during the day that you can enjoy yourself like darts, water gymnastics, motorized water sports, water sports, aerobics, boccia, beach volleyball, zumba, table tennis, pool games at Diamond Premium Hotel &Spa.

Limitless entertainment goes also at night ! You can enjoy fully with the live music performances. You can dance, take a sip from your drink at our night club, and you can benefit from the wonderful shows in amphitheatre.

Added all to these activities, as being healthy can not be thought without sport activities we offer you our fitness center for a healthy holiday.

Dance, music, sport , entertainment… Diamond Premium Hotel is a world where you can benefit from a holiday opportunity with wonderful things. Removing from the stress that occur in daily routine, throw off your tiredness, feel in a different world and want enjoy the activities… Then Diamond Premium Hotel &Spa is always ready to be your second address.