As Diamond Beach Hotel & Spa we offer different pool alternative for all our guests. As well as our main pool that is 690 square meters to a depth of 140 centimeters, there are children's pool, an indoor swimming pool, a relaxation pool and a water slide pool in our hotel. You can refresh yourself leaving a tiring year behind in our pools which are carefully built for you to enjoy the water all seasons.

Snacks full of flavor

Swimming generally makes you hungry. For this reason, we offer you varios snacks altogether. Eat ice-cream or drink something cold if you wish to cool off on hot summer days. Or if you like , taste cakes or pancakes.

A sandy, bright beach where you can sunbath.

Diamond Beach Hotel &Spa that is only 250 meters away from our private beach, is calling sea passions. You can enjoy sunbathing on smooth sandy beaches and cool off in bright sea. Snack Bar and Beach Bar is on service if you want to eat or drink something.

Come and let yourself spend a peaceful holiday away from the crowdness of the city-life.