Diamond Beach Hotel & Spa offers you an unforgettable holiday with different entertainment activities during your vacation.You will have the most remarkable holiday with various activities during the day and night!

The most important part that makes a holiday remarkable; dance, music and entertainment… We offer various activities within our hotel to make our guests happy and enjoy themselves. You can join the pool games, competitions and sport activities with our Professional entertainment team. Also participate in theatre activities, shows and games in our amphitheatre and enjoy your self with your family. The magical atmosphere of our hotel in the disco and lively music is ready to entertain you late at night !

Water-filled Activities.

As Diamond Beach Hotel & Bar we are hosting our dear guests with various activities in our private beach and pools. Pool games, water gymnastics, motorized water sports and many more options are waiting for you in our hotel.

Time for entertainment with concept parties

Joyful concept parties are organized in different themes like Pirate Party in our hotel. As much as children, adults alsa enjoy themselves and turn into their childhood. According to the pirate theme, painted faced children will enjoy the party while you are enjoying your cold drink by the pool.